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Gospel Music Industry Alliance

Message from the Chairperson

— Tolu Adepegba

My hopes and vision for GMIA are for it to unite the UK gospel music industry in all parts of the UK, to work together and push forward a united representation of the musical landscape. Another is to optimise digital advancement for gospel practitioners and making GMIA the go-to for resources, advice, partnerships and more.

CEO Message

— Audrey Gray

As the recently appointed CEO of GMIA, I am keen to understand the issues impacting the gospel music community, not just during the COVID crisis but to work towards the matters that need addressing for long term gains. My main 2021 goals are to engage with initiatives and support projects that contribute to creatives and build the industry. This will start with connecting the community to online resources, directories and consulting with Regional Coordinators to gather feedback from localised communities.

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Regional Support


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GMIA has established six regions where there are individuals, organisations or businesses that specialise or run activities that relate to Gospel Music, acting as Regional Coordinators. These Regional Coordinators provide invaluable local information and feedback ways of developing initiatives that encourage the growth of this inclusive and inspirational art form.


The six regions and Regional Coordinators; South East & London - Audrey Gray, Midlands Region - Roger Moore, Scotland Region - Eloho Efemuai, North Region - Ni-cola Jackson, Ireland Region -Godfrey Chimb (Dublin) | Angela Ifonlaja (Northern), South-West & Wales Region - Carmen Carroll & Ayanda Sibanda

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