Region: Scotland

Meet the Regional Coordinator, Eloho Efemuai for Scotland

Every Monday to Thursday between 6:30am and 7:30am Eloho Efemuai can be found broadcasting music and words of encouragement on Heartsong Live Radio from a converted garage at her home in Scotland. 

As a professional singer who’s released two albums, she’s attracted an equally impressive tribe, drawn to her soulful voice and positive messages. Across her social media channels, she has almost 60-thousand fans, who engage with her on a regular basis.

Achieving such impressive follower numbers within just a few years has meant that word has spread rapidly about Eloho as a social media coach and her ability to help women of faith and creatives show up confidently, consistently and with clarity so they can generate leads for their business, brand or ministry.

After years of struggling with her own identity, she recently released her book, which she wrote in lockdown called You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea: Stop Doubting Your Potential, Live a Fulfilled Life – Regain Self Confidence and Self Worth. It became an overnight Amazon number one bestseller not only in the UK, but in the US and Canada too.

 At the heart of everything that Eloho does, is the desire to communicate, spread joyfulness and add value to the lives of the people she encounters. Inspired by her late Mum, she began singing when she was just nine months old and describes music as her ‘safe place’.

 But rather than keep that gift to herself, she has spent the last ten years organising annual gospel concerts across Scotland. Artists from as far afield as the US and Nigeria have flown in to join her on stage performing to audiences of hundreds. She has also released two studio albums and a couple of recent singles with “You Are My Victory” being the latest.

 Her husband of 21 years, Jude, works abroad whilst Eloho concentrates on looking after their three children, a 17-year-old boy and 10-year-old twins as well as running her social media business. She hopes that they will now follow her example and embrace hard work and positivity.

 After all, that’s why her listeners tune in every Monday to Thursday mornings to Heartsong Live Radio, to hear her inspirational broadcasts from her converted garage in Edinburgh. She hopes that by doing so, she’s helping to build their confidence and self-esteem so they too can become who they were designed to be.