Region: Ireland (Dublin)

Meet the Regional Coordinator, Godfrey Chimbganda for Ireland (Dublin)

Moved from Bulawayo, ZImbabwe to Wicklow, Ireland in 2002. Did some groundbreaking performances and events and reverted to Full Gospel in 2006. Set up Gospel Music Ireland and went on to promote some of the biggest names in Gospel in Europe and Africa. God has been gracious to include names like Kirk Franklin in tours in Africa and Ireland, Andrae Crouch in Ireland and UK, a lot of MOBO UK Artists.

In Ireland, Gospel Music Ireland has been part of the Gospel Scene in different capacities including consultants, pr agents, curating for festivals, and hosting tours.

I am a radio presenter on Spirit Radio for the past 10 years having started on UGN and Devine radio in Northern Ireland. I was 22 when I began the work and God has allowed me to continue.