The Equality and Diversity Charter for Music

There has already been much work within the music industry to champion equality and diversity.

The Equality and Diversity Charter for Music is the industry’s own plan for extending the work in order to gain a reputation for actively improving equality and diversity, and to benefit creatively and commercially from the inclusion of a diverse range of innovative creative and business talent.


To sign up and support the Equality & Diversity Charter for Music please select at least two areas from the following four, and decide on your own specific action plan to improve equality and diversity.


1. Recruit from a wide talent pool.

Adopt practices to welcome employees, partners and suppliers from the widest possible talent pool, reducing possible exclusion.


2. Improve equality and diversity at senior decision making levels.

Identify talented individuals and help them to make progress in their careers at all levels of the industry, including participation on boards, in senior management and as business owners.


3. Participate in or run activities that promote equality and diversity in the music industry.


4. Share methods of increasing equality and diversity.

Share best-practice, tools, opportunities and training with other businesses and individuals in order to more easily increase equality and diversity in the industry.

Track Progress: Decide on how to measure or monitor progress and share action plans and progress with the Equality & Diversity Charter for Music steering group who will report generally on progress across the industry annually

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