RSL Awards & GMIA – Gospel Music Industry Alliance partner to honour UK Gospel Icons and inspire Rising Stars with Revolutionary Gospel Qualifications.

RSL Awards & GMIA partner to honour UK Gospel Icons and inspire Rising Stars with Revolutionary Gospel Qualifications

The UK music scene is poised for a revolution as a pioneering initiative is announced to introduce groundbreaking qualifications for accomplished gospel singers and musicians. Until now, the proficiency and level of musicianship amongst gospel professionals has not been recognised outside of gospel circles. Therefore, to drive change, we, at RSL Awards, have partnered with the Gospel Music Industry Alliance, (GMIA) to release an exciting new initiative created to award these standards of excellence.

RSL Awards and GMIA will offer a suite of Ofqual regulated grades to formally assess gospel practitioners who demonstrate their performance skills at a grade 6 level or above. These qualifications carry UCAS points making them ideal for those looking to bolster University and Higher Education applications.

Honouring UK gospel greats

To launch this groundbreaking initiative, RSL Awards and GMIA are set to host a Gospel Excellence Honours Night on 16th April at London’s iconic Kings Place. The Gospel Excellence Honours Night looks to celebrate the first selection of recently appointed RSL & GMIA Fellows for their continuous and insurmountable contributions to the UK gospel and wider music industry. With live performances from current gospel artists and the gathering of gospel greatness, RSL Awards and GMIA are setting the tone for the revolutionary gospel qualifications to come.

Amongst the fellows are legendary choir directors such as Bazil Meade MBE and Tyndale Thomas MBE, notable UK recording artists such as Noel Robinson, Priscilla Jones-Campbell, renowned composers such as Ken Burton, prolific music educators Audrey Mattis-Lawrence and Ray Prince as well as music extraordinaries, producers Nicky Brown and Ayo Oyerinde to name a few.

When asked about the partnership, co-chairpersons Anu Omideyi and Roger Moore remarked:

‘…we are delighted with this partnership with RSL that is recognising, in this night, the great work of some – though by no means all – of gospel music’s illustrious practitioners, and launching an educational programme of immense quality. This is an exciting advancement in gospel music.”

Anu Omideyi, Co-Chair, GMIA

‘…this launch represents a thread which will breakthrough educational barriers and unite Gospel practitioners all around the country impacting the next generation inside schools, churches and many other musical hubs and organisations.” 

Roger Moore, Co-Chair, GMIA 

‘Over 30 years ago, RSL Awards created the world’s first pop and rock grade exams. We continue our pioneering work today in partnership with GMIA to present the first ever UK gospel music graded exams. By doing this, we are thrilled to recognise the wonderful artistry in gospel music for the first time in UK music education. Thanks to the GMIA and RSL staff for spearheading this vision.’ 

Norton York, Founder, RSL Awards 

With both organisations set to create some extraordinary resources for up-and-coming gospel practitioners whilst recognising gospel excellence at the honours night, this new initiative is the well awaited next step in the UK gospel industry. It’s now time to celebrate gospel excellence in the UK.


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