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Roy Francis Productions Artiste Development & Mentoring Programme is already a hit in the eyes of the artistes that have successufully utilised the superior experience and guidance of one of the select number of pioneers of British Gospel Music. In fact, Roy Francis is probably the youngest person to become a member of the first Gospel Group to break it into ‘the big time’ during the 1960s era of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the UK. In the 1980s he managed John Francis and The Inspirational Choir leading them to international acclaim and eventually producing them within the UK’s most popular Gospel Show on TV “People Get Ready”. During the 1990s he became a BBC television producer making programmes for their flagship religious programme “Songs Of Praise” – winning himself and international television award in the process. During the early millennium he produced the live show recording for US Gospel Star Donnie McClurkin ‘Live in London” often sited as the album which truly shot the much loved music minster to international fame and one of the highest grossing albums.  Roy is therefore uniquely position to give a birds-eye view of all aspect of artiste working in the music scene.

Here he outlines the initiative

Roy Francis Productions Artiste Development & Mentoring Programme

Our Artiste Development Programme continues to grow from strength to strength with new artistes joining all the time. The course is designed for those artistes who want to know how to succeed with their music and ministry at a time when gospel music and the music business is changing so much. The course is bispoke tailor made to meet the need of each individual artiste. So if you want  to join, give us a call ( 0203 172 3858) or email us.


* A bespoke 1 month mentoring and support programme with 3 x 1.5 hour face to face meetings plus unlimited email questions and answers, telephone and skype enquiries designed to support the artiste in all the processes of their Music Ministry.
*Practical help, information and support; showing artistes how they can make a success of their music and ministry in an internet, digital and social media age.
*To work with the artiste in setting a realistic development plan for their music and to work with them in achieving agreed set goals.
*To work with the artiste in putting together a budget for their music ministry and to help in identifying the market(s) for their music and to show how they can raise their profile within it.
*To help the artiste ‘set a marketing and promotional plan’ for their music, how to execute it and to explain some of the essential tips for success in the gospel music marketplace.
*A social media and PR starter package as a cost effective way of marketing and promoting a new artiste music and ministry.
*To put the artiste in touch with opportunities when they become available for performances and ministry and to open up to them our company’s contacts and strategic relationships.

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