Playing for Free or Getting Paid – Intro

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Millicent EB MemberHi, I am Millicent Stephenson the Artiste in Business and Enterprise Executive Board Member.  My remit includes assisting the development of Artistes within the UK Gospel Industry and also those Artistes who want to move their ministry into a business.

I am also a professional musician and work within Gospel and Non-Gospel arenas.  I have often reflected on my musical journey.  I started playing music at a young age but did not engage with the saxophone until I was about 18 years old.  Then I played it as a hobby but through the encouragement of my music teacher I shared my hobby with others.  Over the years it developed into a ministry but in a voluntary capacity eventually I received payment for performances and in later years I moved it into a business and am now a professional musician.  I should add that not only am I a saxophonist but I am a pianist, choir director, musical director, teacher, song writer, recording artist , worship leader and business woman.

How do you move your hobby or ministry into one where you are paid and can make a living? The articles to come will cover tips, comments and opinions on various aspects of doing just. So join me on that journey.


Millicent Stephenson

Executive Board Member – Artistes in Business and Enterprise


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