This change heralds a number of significant exciting forthcoming events and projects beginning or scheduled for this year alone or in partnership with several other organisations. These include the creation of educational awards, the creation of a wide-scale annual international gospel music festival in Liverpool in September in conjunction with Liverpool Lighthouse and other major stakeholders, the push for formal recognition of September as the Gospel Music Heritage Month and the development of The UK Gospel Music Hall of Fame – The Legacy Archive alongside TOP Entertainment, AStepFwd amongst others.


A n u  O m i d e y i 

Of the forthcoming year Anu says, “We’ve been silently working behind the scenes to lay the groundwork for these and other important initiatives that we will usher in and ensure our gospel music community continues to thrive and develop lasting legacies for those working hard now and for future generations. We’re excited to see how this work bears fruit this year and in the coming years. We’re exceptionally grateful for the sterling work of our CEO Audrey Gray and give our heartfelt thanks to Tolu for overseeing the first phase of change in the recent history of GMIA.”

R o g e r M o o r e

Roger Moore says “UK Gospel is at an important stage of the development as we look towards developing projects that promote self-sustainable creative businesses and empower individuals from the community. We are wanting to see our community across the UK & Ireland fulfil their full potential and contribute to a powerful legacy for generations to come.”

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