GMIA’s focus on educating and training access in the sector

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GMIA’s focus on educating and training in the sector practitioners is meeting the organisation’s aim to create a strong resource pool that is accessible for anyone at whatever level they may be within the industry.

In this article is a precursor to a listing of those who are providing professional service to those in ministry within the Church/Gospel concert scene as well as those in performance mainly within edutainment and strictly entertainment circles.

This focus on educating and training access is expected to impact particularly those who are first entry level within the scene. This includes new artistes who know very little about the music industry or those who have experience of being in the secular scene but know very little about the way in which the Gospel scene operates.

The A in GMIA – Gospel Music Industry Alliance – is an expression of various aspects of the sector coming together to unite as a creative force which is self-determining and self-sustaining. This approach came out of a Feasibility Study conducted with over 100 sector leaders in 2008. As confidence builds in the sector and more individuals, businesses and organisations find cost effective way to provide access for the sector in training and educating others its envisaged that this will find standards will rise more artistes will find it easier to attain better levels of success.

GMIA’s Webinars are aimed at educating and training access in the sector wherever an individual may be based, particularly where Gospel Music networks are not as active as in areas, for example, London or Manchester.

GMIA’s highlighting educating and training access in the sector is exemplified by the following service that has run consistently over the past year:

Title: Pathways for Music Ministry Success:

Hosted by: Marcia Dixon (Marcia Dixon Public Relations) and Roy Francis (Roy Francis Productions).

Frequency: Approximately every 8 – 10 weeks

Next Event: Saturday 25th February 2017 – 10.30am – 2.30pm

Price Range: Between £10 – £15 per session (for 1/2 day workshop)

Advantages include: Direct access to real experts and top-level experienced individuals from the Gospel scene; real value for money half-day workshop; practical points of action; networking with others including key Gospel Industry contacts.

Information: The format of Pathways for Music Ministry Success is to give attendees personal insight into the guest speakers knowledge and what lead them to experience the success they’ve achieved. Attendees get to ask questions and often received very detailed responses that they would not normally have in normal circumstances. This is as a result of the informal and personal proximity and engagement the hosts encourages the guests to divulge. Marcia Dixon and Roy Francis apply additional practical expert guidance in the areas of PR and Artiste Repertoire and Development, respectively. Attendees can then follow up on the recommended action points. GMIA has found the testimonials from this event inspires a high rating for creating a bench mark standard of service at a grass-roots level

Choose this link to check out Roy Francis custom Artiste Development Programme.


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