Meet The Music Historian for GMIA – Kevin Tomlin

GMIA is pleased to announce that Educator and Music Historian Kevin Tomlin has taken on the role of music historian for the organisation.

Kevin Tomlin has supported GMIA, contributing and representing on Kevin Tomlin2behalf of GMIA at consultative meetings and events since 2012. He was introduced by Linton Beckles with whom he as worked on writing projects over many years.

In Kevin we are very privileged to have one of the most informed individuals on popular Black Music.

Kevin Tomlin, a highly qualified trained teacher and artist, has approximately 34 years of teaching experience between Jamaica, England and the USA, including 15 years with the “Arts in Education” programme, teaching music history in the area of “Music of Black Origin” and “Visual Arts” in South Florida, USA.

During this period Kevin was involved in the creation of special training programmes and workshops for music teachers in South Florida schools, using music history as the foundation, to build exciting programmes of Kevin givng practical history lesson on Memphis Drummer Al Jackson Jnrstudy and support materials for education professionals.

Since his return to the UK in 2000 Kevin continued on a series of ‘research programmes’ providing consultancy services for multi-media organisations, schools, cultural and faith-based groups, recording artists, and entertainment professionals all within the framework of ‘arts and cultural history’.

Since 2007 Kevin has been focusing on delivering a chronological study of music of black origin from the cities of the USA. This has developed into a complete and comprehensive work of the artists, their music and the people behind the signature sounds of the cities of the USA, the cultural, social and economic impact in the past sixty years.

To discover the depth and breadth of Kevin's contribution visit Look out for his special GMIA training courses with us. Kevin is available for lectures, workshops and teacher training programmes.