18 02 2022


19:00 - 20:00


GMIA Managed Events

Special Industry Workshop : Get Advances on Streaming Income with beatBread

Workshop Content

Learn about the services of beatBread and how to access advance revenue from your streaming


beatBread is not a label, distributor or artist services company.

We offer a new way for independent/unsigned artists to fund their career development, while retaining ownership of their masters. We provide advances on streaming income for both catalog and unreleased music and give artists complete choice of their distribution, marketing and promotion partners

If approved, the artist gets:

  • Advances of up to 5x current annual revenues
  • Artist royalties in the 50% to 90% range
  • Complete choice of marketing partners
  • Retention of masters during the term, and 100% of streaming income after the term
  • The option to flow through some of their existing streaming income during the term

Recoupment comes ONLY from streaming income (not publishing, merchandise, touring, synch or even physical product).

We can also make advances to labels in many circumstances.

Workshop Suitable for music creators, artists, singers, musicians, composers , labels and producers.



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