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Register Your Interest by 31st January 2022 : ‘How-to’ Webinars

‘How-to’ Webinars Sessions  

Practical step-by-step style webinars on topics that impact and influence navigating the gospel music environment. Delivered by active industry personnel.

‘How-to’ Webinars Sessions Topics

  • Music Marketing: Music Release in 12 steps by Audrey Gray
  • Developing events without re-mortgaging your home by Audrey Gray
  • Life a as music publisher by May Music Ltd
  • Becoming a Fundraisers by KN Walford Consultancy Ltd
  • Transitioning into full-time music ministry by Anu Omideyi
  • Digital Marketing for Music Creatives by Keron Rose, Digital Academy
  • METADATA : Your Music Your Money by Keith Kirk, Motif Music Services
  • Navigating GMIA online community (FREE) by Audrey Gray

Register your interest by 31st January 2022 for any of the above topics 

  • ‘How-to’ Webinars are included with Premium Member Subscriber plan.
  • Unless topics(s) are marked FREE , ‘How-to’ Webinars cost applies to GMIA Subscribers, Standard Member Subscribers and non-Subscribers.
  • Sessions will be scheduled from February 2022.
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