31 03 2022


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How-to Webinars : Fundraising for Charities & Social Enterprises with KN Walford Consultancy

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Fundraising for Charities/ Churches and Social Enterprises
If you are reading this then you know fundraising can be (incredibly) hard! But it is also a process, so you can learn to master it. Despite the odds being stacked against you (1:10). You may only get one shot to impress funders and secure the money your organisation needs.

It’s therefore essential to get a good understanding of how the process works. Whether you are fundraising to get started, a new project, or continuation funding, that’s where this session comes in. In short, the session will give you a snapshot to close in on your fundraising goals efficiently and successfully.

We will explore a few vital aspects of fundraising and prepare you for real-life scenarios from an industry insider with over 16 years of experience. You will leave the session with the knowledge of sourcing and filtering potential funders, the ability to assess the f and impress them with your applications.

The session will cover a number of things that I wished I had known. The same stuff that could save you time, money, and trouble. Giving the unfiltered reality of fundraising.

Aims of the course

  • Increase understanding of how to identify great funding sources
  • Explore different ways of raising money for your organisations
  • Increase knowledge, skills, and levels of success of arts and organisations.

About Speaker 

Kemar Walford is the sole proprietor of KN Walford Consultancy Ltd (KNWC) with over 10 years of experience in Fundraising within the wider Third Sector and the Chair of a special interest group of the Institute of Fundraising (Black Fundraiser’s UK).

The Founder’s experience includes working with mainstream charities such as London Youth, Caritas Anchor House, Ladies Who Learn and the Bromley by Bow Centre. I worked for the Big Lottery Fund for the bulk of my career in grant assessment, management and more recently supporting groups in the West Midlands and East & West London. I also volunteered as a mentor working for Sported in the West Midlands to capacity build small community based sports groups.

The aim of KNWC is to provide much needed support services in the increasingly competitive world of grant, trust and foundation funding.
Our ambition is to leave small, medium and large charitable organisations in the third sector in a better position than when they asked for our support.

We have five main support offers in the form of bid writing, application review/ amendment, project development, training and organisational coaching. We also aim to provide tailored support for smaller organisations who are unable to afford the direct support.

Workshop Suitable for charities, churches, social enterprises and not-for-profits organisations.

This webinar is one hour.



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