23 09 2021


14:00 - 15:00

Funding & Support for Creative Industries Projects & Organisations by CNT Associates

This presentation will examine and review funding for arts and creative industries projects. With the current economic and public health situation we explore the funding opportunities available for organisations in these sectors. We review sources of, and identify other funding opportunities, for arts and creative industries projects, including government funding, Lottery funding, charitable trust funding and crowd funding. The workshop will also examine specialist funding sources for arts media and creative industries projects and review the relationship between social enterprise projects and arts projects. There will be special guest speakers at this event.


This workshop utilises a range of learning strategies to explore partnership development. The workshop will cover:

· Funding streams which are available to support arts, media & creative industries projects

· Other funding mechanisms such as crowd funding

· Existing funding streams

· Specialist funding streams for the arts, media and creative sectors

· Other funding streams including Charitable Trusts, Lottery and Social Investment Funding streams that will still be accessible

· Private sector support, donations and volunteering

· Sources of information and further help

Learning Objectives

· Gain understanding of potential funding opportunities for arts projects

· Gain knowledge of arts funding and resources

· Gain knowledge of social enterprise and the arts