21 01 2022


16:30 - 18:00

Are you programming women composers? by Making Music

About the event: 

According to the latest research by Donne, Women in Music, only 11.45% of the scheduled concerts in concert halls worldwide in 2020/2021 included compositions by women.  Of the 14,747 compositions scheduled in this time, only 5% were composed by women.

Vick Bain, the founder of F-list, has also published research on the gender gap in music. In her report, Counting the Music Industry, she found that just over 14% of writers currently signed to publishers are female.

These reports make it clear that the music we currently play, sing and listen to does not fully reflect the gender balance in the population.

So, what can you do to address this imbalance? How do you diversify your repertoire? How can you find out about women composers, living or long gone? And where can you find their music? This event will introduce you to women composers of all eras and discuss how and where you can access their music. You will hear from experts with deep knowledge of this topic who will both inspire and signpost to useful resources.

  • Elizabeth de Brito, of The Daffodil Perspective, will give a brief overview of the history of female composers and introduce her podcast showcasing music by women.
  • Helen Sanderson, one of nearly 800 classical composers on The F-list and a trustee for the organisation (as well as founder of Making Music member Guitar Circus), will speak about her experience as a performer and composer in a predominantly male music world.
  • Soprano Gabriella Di Laccio will introduce her Foundation, Donne, Women in Music, which celebrates, advances, and amplifies women in music, by creating several free multimedia resources.
  • Making Music’s Sharon Moloney, in her role as music director for flute choir Opal Flutes, and Harmony Sinfonia’s music librarian Kate Quarry, will share their experiences in sourcing music by female composers, and will outline what the obstacles may be to programming more music from women.
  • Tom Farncombe, Business Development Director at Hal Leonard Europe, will talk about how music publishers are making more diverse repertoire accessible.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions via the chat function during the event.

Who this event is for:

All leisure-time music makers and promoters with an interest in diversifying the programmes they perform and present, especially with a view to discovering and promoting female composers, are welcome to attend this event.