07 10 2021


14:00 - 15:00

Alternative Funding for Health & Social Care Projects by CNT Associates

This workshop will provide an opportunity to review alternative sources of funding for health & social care organisations and projects. Many funding streams other than commissioning funding are still available for health & social care projects, we review alternative funding sources including charitable trusts.

Health and social care funding and related opportunities are still likely to be significant after the pandemic and we will identify key funders in this sector, other than the NHS or clinical commissioning groups. We will also have guest speakers.

Benefits to the Organisation or Individual

• Be more informed about alternative funding for health & social care projects

• Be able to identify potential sources of funding

• Be able to identify partnership opportunities

• Access to a range of valuable funding resources

Key Learning Points

• A Zoom presentation with PowerPoint on key funders

• Identify alternative funding for health & social care projects

• Existing funding streams identified

• Other funding streams – including charitable trusts and the Lottery – that will still be accessible

• Social investment funds

• Partnership funding

• Social Enterprise and health funding projects

• Resources and funding opportunities

• Sources of information and further help