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Making Music

Supporting and Championing Leisure-Time Music

‘Making Music is the UK association for leisure-time music, with over 3,800 music groups in membership, with about 220,000 hobby musicians.

Our groups are 60% vocal groups, 30% instrumental groups and 10% (amateur) promoters who present professional musicians.

Those who sing and play in our member groups are doing it for fun/relaxation/well-being reasons and not to earn a living. But they are generally led by a musical director or conductor or choir leader who is a music professional and who is paid by the choir or the instrumental group.

Some of our members get booked to sing or play, e.g. for charity events or weddings or community celebrations, and others organise their own concerts and sell tickets for them.

Making Music supports its member groups in three main ways:

  1. We provide lots of resources to people running a group. Most of our groups are run by volunteers, so they look to us for help, e.g. with safeguarding policies, insurance policies to protect them, health & safety risk assessments, how to manage data protection, how to promote themselves on social media and lots more (and in the last 2 years – guidance on Covid!). We provide resources on our website and also run events to bring those resources to life.
  2. We connect groups to each other, perhaps to do joint projects, or learn from each other. For instance, in the last 18 months we have run about 150 Zoom events and facilitated groups sharing their experience of managing the Covid situation, e.g. rehearsing online, or how to return safely to rehearsals.
  3. We act as the voice of our members and the sector. Over Covid we have spent a lot of time talking to civil servants in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport about restrictions, and our colleagues in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have done the same with the governments in those nations. Our Covid guidance tool has been viewed over 100,000 times and is free for anyone and constantly updated.

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