Business & Enterprise

GMIA recognises that the majority of our creatives and the support services for artists and the rest of the sector are either independent self-employed, SMEs or charitable based businesses or organisations. Often its staffed by less that five employees and many freelancers or volunteers.

Looking at the future of British Gospel Music in 10 - 20 years time, it is both imperative and critical that we respond now instead of reacting later to any external factors that is bound to develop as economies and technology affect an ever-changing way in which the intellectual property and earnings from creative assets is directed by the powers that be. This includes off and particularly online global dictates.

Juliet Fletcher - visionary founder of GMIA believes that we need to have a strong economic foundation to prepare for a productive self sustaining futuremoney_pounds.

To maintain and sustain what we do requires an administrative and more often business framework in which legal, ethical and other statutory, mandatory and operational guidelines are required.

For this reason, GMIA has set up a Business and Enterprise section within its Alliance construct so that independent label owners, record companies, and associated enterprises can take action.


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