About Us

About Us

Established Since 2011​

Organisational Statement

Our Gospel Music Industry

GMIA identifies as a Black music organisation and interprets UK Gospel Music as derived from the African, American and Caribbean musical experience relating to the Christian faith, delivered by a wide range of industry creatives and practitioners, incorporating both the Gospel genre and Gospel message delivered overtly or by inspiration.
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Meet Our Board of Directors


GMIA has established six regions where there are individuals, organisations or businesses that specialise or run activities that relate to Gospel Music, acting as Regional Coordinators. These Regional Coordinators provide invaluable local information and feedback ways of developing initiatives that encourage the growth of this inclusive and inspirational art form.

My hopes and vision for GMIA are for it to unite the UK gospel music industry in all parts of the UK, to work together and push forward a united representation of the musical landscape. Another is to optimise digital advancement for gospel practitioners and making GMIA the go-to for resources, advice, partnerships and more.

Tolu Adepegba


As the recently appointed CEO of GMIA, I am keen to understand the issues impacting the gospel music community, not just during the COVID crisis but to work towards the matters that need addressing for long term gains. My main 2021 goals are to engage with initiatives and support projects that contribute to creatives and build the industry.




Do you have a few hours to give GMIA an invaluable contribution to the gigantic effort required in creating a national network of connectivity for our sector?

Using our Online Volunteer scheduler makes it easy to select date(s) and time(s) you can contribute towards the development of the UK gospel community.